Palais-Hotel Erzherzog Johann Graz
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Premium room

Besides our beautiful historical rooms and suites we offer our guests a room with exceptional ambience. 

Wanda Sacher Masoch-Room

Graz as Capital of Culture was the occasion in 2003 to dedicate this room to the famous writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch and his wife Wanda. Experience unique design and a special eroticism on luxurious 36 m².



  • shower
  • satellite TV
  • minibar
  • air-conditioning
  • hair dryer
  • safe
  • telephone
  • Wi-Fi
Interesting facts

Wanda Sacher-Masoch

Born in Graz on March 14, 1845 Wanda von Sacher Masoch (née Angelika-Aurora Rümelin) of course holds a special place in our house with a room dedicated to the author who wrote under the name of ‘Wanda von Dunajew’. After exchanging letters she married the author Sacher-Masoch in 1873 at 26 years of age and lived with him in different cities such as Vienna, Bruck an der Mur, Budapest or Leipzig. In their marriage she was what Sacher-Masoch called the Cruel Wanda in his novella Venus in Furs. They got divorced in 1887. From 1882 to 1888 she lived in France, with her lover Armand as Jacques Saint-Cère (Armand Rosenthal, 1855–1898), as well as in Lausanne. Until today there is no reliable information on her life for the years beyond 1909.